About Us

We are a Mumbai based children's library offering two products, Books and Eduboxes.

You order them online and enjoy doorstep delivery!

Book Library - We provide our customers with a unique reading experience through our hand-picked, select collection of books which includes top international publishers, children's favorite authors and much more. We also guide parents on how to read and what to read to their children through our READING TREE!!

Book Einstein was born keeping in mind the thousands of parents who wanted to inculcate the habit of reading in their children. We aim at providing tips and strategies along with a good collection of books.

Apart from books, we design learning concepts for children called Eduboxes. Every Edubox is based on a theme and includes a book, a toy, couple of varied activity sheets and craft which are skilfully designed by educators keeping the child's age and developmental milestones in mind.

The unconventional philosophy of BookEinstein aims to create a learning experience which is fun & engaging for both the parent and the child.