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A Child's Introduction to Greek Mythology

Author : Heather Alexander,

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The newest volume in Black Dog & Leventhal's best-selling, award-winning series explores the fascinating world of Greek mythology, including classic tales of gods and goddesses, heroes and villains all brought to life through charming illustrations. Packed with action, adventure, tragedy, and triumph, A Child's IntroductionThis book introduces the gods and goddesses, from Apollo to Hades, as well as nymphs, satyrs, centaurs, and the mortal descendants of Zeus, such as Hercules and Midas. Greek myths are also explored, such as Pandora's Box, Prometheus' Discovery of Fire, the Trojan Horse and many more. Sidebars feature word definitions and fun facts, as well as games and projects.

Category: Newly Added Book Collection, Non Fiction

Paper Type: Hard bound

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

Book ISBN: 9781579128678

Book Language: English

Age Group: 9-15 years

Book Condition: Excellent

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