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Shaken Up (the kicks)

Author : Alex Morgan

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From soccer star, Olympic gold medalist, and bestselling author Alex Morgan comes the fifth book in an empowering and fun-filled middle grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team. Devin is finally getting used to California; shes got sunstreaks in her hair and has even picked up some So-Cal lingo. Then Devin experiences an earthquake, and shes more freaked out than she expected she would be.  The earthquake is just the first in a series of chain of events that shake Devins confidence. She fails a test in a subject she knows well. Her crush seems to have his attention on another girl. And worst of all, her soccer game is off.  Now Devin, the girl who usually inspires confidence in her friends and teammates, will have to turn to them for support.

Category: Newly Added Book Collection, Fiction

Paper Type: Paperback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Book ISBN: 9781481451000

Book Language: English

Age Group: 10-15 years

Book Condition: Excellent

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