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The Flight of the Mermaid

Author : Sirish Rao

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Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's haunting yet bleak tale, this simple and lyrical version of The Little Mermaid is faithful to—yet different from—the original. The ending in particular suggests both the sorrow that impends upon love and loss, as well as the possibilities of a life of freedom beyond the emotional struggle. The art by acclaimed Gond artist Bhajju Shyam is delicate, evocative, and magical, contrasting the worlds of land and ocean and the strange inner life of the mermaid and her sisters.

Category: Newly Added Book Collection, Picture Books

Paper Type: Hardbound

Publisher: Tara Books

Book ISBN: 9788190675604

Book Language: English

Age Group: 6-10 years

Book Condition: Excellent

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