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Ismat's Eid

Author : Fawzia Gilani Williams

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Ismat's Eid is a crisp adaptation of a delightful Tublerkish tale. Ismat the shoemaker is a happy, contented sort and on the occasion of Eid, decides to buy his family special gifts. He is persuaded by the shopkeeper to buy a pair of trousers for himself but there is only the last pair on the shelves, and it's too long. Long trousers can always be shortened, can't they? So Ismat takes his gifts home. Eid arrives, and with it comes a shock and a surprise. To be a to laugh and to be willing to adjust : these little life-affirming qualities are highlighted with affection and detail as text and pictures come together seamlessly in this story replete with cultural resonances.

Category: Newly Added Book Collection, Picture Books

Paper Type: Paperback

Publisher: Tulika

Book ISBN: 9788181464057

Book Language: English

Age Group: 4-6 years

Book Condition: Excellent

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