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Crazy Times with Uncle Ken

Author : Ruskin Bond

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Who doesn’t like an eccentric uncle? Ruskin Bond certainly does. Read all the stories about bumbling and endearing Uncle Ken in this collection. Whenever Uncle Ken arrives at Grandma’s house, and he does frequently, there is trouble afoot Uncle Ken drives his car into a wall, is mistaken for a famous cricketer, troubled by a mischievous ghost, chased by a swarm of bees and attacked by flying foxes. Be it the numerous bicycle rides with the author or his futile attempts at finding a job, Uncle Ken’s misadventures provide huge doses of laughter. Crazy Times with Uncle Ken includes old classics as well as new stories, and will be enjoyed by all Ruskin Bond fans.

Category: Newly Added Book Collection, Fiction

Paper Type: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin India

Book ISBN: 9780143331353

Book Language: English

Age Group: 8-15 years

Book Condition: Good

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